Here’s another Grainstore business that we are ready to throw the spotlight on today. This one is again very different to the previous companies featured, but would be an asset to plenty of businesses to up their marketing game. We are talking about Chris Seagal Digital Marketing Agency.   

Chris Seagal Digital Marketing Blandford

So what do they do?

Chris Seagal Digital Marketing are based in Dorset and they provide off the shelf & bespoke digital marketing and business management solutions. They have skills & capabilities in all realms of website creation and management, alongside being able to maintain and set up Google marketing tools and products.

It’s hard to summarise the work that this company does on a blog because looking through their website there are tons of services and marketing options on offer. Ranging from brand development to drone video footage.

Chris Seagal Digital Marketing is a company that only came about in 2020 but the expertise of the team spans many years. Like many business start-ups, you often learn throughout your own personal ventures along the way what works well for you as a customer and what doesn’t. That insight is fantastic to ensure that your business is authentic and worthwhile for your target audience.  Chris noticed that many agencies often promised things they couldn’t deliver and his brand is all about giving a personal & tailored experience for any work himself and his team are consulted for.

On Chris’ website there are great testimonials for the work he has carried out for a multitude of customers. He’s transformed a bookkeeping business by giving it an online presence. He’s designed a brand new website for a plumbing company alongside setting up the Ts and Cs (and more boring but essential) GDPR compliance. You can see more of his customer’s here.

Chris Seagal Digital Marketing Blog

His own website blog offers lots of free advice full of hints and tips on how to make the most out of several well-known marketing platforms as well as explaining some online marketing terminology.

Another fantastic Blandford Grainstore based business and a lovely bit of insight into another great company!

Look out for more Business Spotlight posts in the future!