Today we want to cast the spotlight on one of the fantastic businesses we have on site at the Grainstore; let’s talk about Guided Motorbike Tours!

Guided Motorbike Tours Blandford

So what do they do?

Guided Motorbike Tours are a professional tour guide company with a passion for fun, friendly and well organised Motorbike adventures. They tour all over the UK, Europe and further afield with some trips in Morocco and even India. Their website is filled with information about what to expect, FAQs and blogs about previous trips. The great thing about GMT is that they cater for both newbies & experienced riders, male & female, young & old – so with a shared common interest in motorbikes and a passion for exploration you’re all set.

All of the tour guides are expert riders and are trained to advanced motorbike standards, alongside having expertise in particular areas such as wilderness medical training and an in-depth knowledge about the countries being toured.

The business is led by Chris Seagal whose passion for bikes spans many years, he is one of 5 tour guides all with their own unique take on a riding experience.

During this difficult year, GMT haven’t been able to run their usual packed schedule, however they have lots of exciting tours planned for 2021 which look incredible, each one described in detail on their website.

Guided Motorbike Tours at the Grainstore

Some of the reasons why GMT stand out from the crowd for their tours are:

  • The fantastic routes and scenery – there is plenty of choice on what kind of adventure you want to embark on.
  • A smaller, manageable group – the group sizes are kept to 12- 14 riders per tour, making it more personal.
  • Excellent reviews – there is plenty of information online about what kind of experience riders had with GMT.
  • Good prices – the prices for the tour are kept low without compromising on the quality.

It’s been fascinating for us to learn more about this fuel filled business and what they do. It’s great to have such a diverse variety of businesses on site at the Grainstore.

Look out for more Business Spotlight posts in the future!